Bundle It

Bundle It - A google chrome plugin that lets you save, view and print your daily information stream.
We all know physical books have limits. Once a book is published it’s “stuck” with a certain size and amount of pages. The digital world offers a solution to that. No more limitation, the text can keep growing and other people can even be a part of it by for exampling leaving a comment. As the years passed by, digital platforms like twitter keep popping up and more and more people became a part of it. Instead of reading the newspaper in the morning, people check their social media feed. So you can say that the digital version of books is all the information that’s displayed on the screens through mostly their social media feed. But there is one element that doesn’t yet have a digital version.

The bookshelf

It’s what holds all the different forms of informations together and gives a good overview of the knowledge you gained or want to gain. You placed the book you’ve read over a 1000 times on the top of the shelf. And then there is this one book next to it you always wanted to read but you are waiting for that special moment. Or maybe you placed your books on the way they look. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we need this in our digital world too. Imagine being able to store every thing you read on one place. It can be a whole book but it can also just be a sentence that you really like. After a week or so you would have a whole collection of all different kind of information from probably a lot of different sources. It becomes your own online “book”shelf, which you can organize in the way you want. And then when you need to fill up your own bookshelf at home, you can bundle all your information (for example based on date, topic or source) and have it printed in a little booklet.

Have an overview of all the text you saved. You can order them by title, date, source and tags.

Hover over the text you want to read and it will show you the whole text. You can read through it by scrolling.

Press the pencil icon to edit your saved text and even add a tag name so you can order your text better.

Print all your texts into a little booklet, you can keep it with you or (for example) put it in your bookshelf.

Once you’ve printed your booklet you can start with a clean slate and delete all the texts by pressing the “delete all” button.