Mesh Network

A group project in which we tackle the hierarchy existing in the internet of today by creating a distributed network.


In today’s society, a lot of information is corrupted. It’s filtered and that is actually not your fault. But now we have a solution. The level of filtered information now depends on you and only you.

The more people and places you visit, the more information you gain. On the other hand, you will not be able to filter. You receive all the information from the people/places that you visit, you don’t have the ability to be selective in that area. So the only way you can influence your data input is to the places you go to, or deciding not to read the article. Your selectivity won’t be fed by influencers of the higher power. Maybe now you think, how will I be able to store all this information? You don’t. You are in charge of what you save, everything that you don’t save will disappear after 24 hours.

So in short, you have a public page which loads text files (PDF, word, text) from people you encounter on a daily basis. Then it’s up to you to add a few of these files to your personal library where it will be stored until you decide you’re done with it. This is the start of a completely distributed network in which hierarchy doesn’t exist anymore and in which not only all people are equal but are also appreciated.