Responsive Fashion

Responsive Fashion - The patterns you see are built from hexagons. All the hexagons together will form the pattern. Because of this system, the patterns can be used on any size, format etc. It’s completely responsive. I thought it would also be cool to add some spice to it. I separated each part of the hexagon and added random stroke weights and colours to it. Now, every 5 seconds it will generate a new combination of these random stroke weights and colours, resulting in new colourful patterns each time it loads.”.

Starting Point

The starting point of this project was to transform the responsiveness we have in web design into fashion design. A fully responsive clothing line. Using zippers, buttons and elastics you would be able to add and remove fabric from your piece of clothing. And to make it even more fun, you could exchange clothing parts with each other and wear a new piece every day, every hour or even every minute. Due to time, and lack of certain equipments we (me and Else) put a hold on this for now. But below you can view the ideas we had:

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