Photographing: Nudity

Photographing Nudity - A portrait series of subtle deformations on my own face. The combination of the classical big portrait photo’s and the use of photoshop to deform my face in such a subtle matter, leaves you wonder what it is that’s “different”.

Front Cover - Inc A4 sized Sleeve

Back Cover - Inc A4 sized Sleeve


In this book I mainly focus on deforming my own mouth. It’s a very personal subject since I’ve always been insecure about my mouth. My jaw is a bit too big for my mouth, so closing my mouth completely is a very conscious action. When my mouth is closed you can see the tension that is (mainly) focussed on my chin. Naturally I have my mouth just a bit open. The first photo’s I took myself were of this process of my mouth slowly opening.

When researching into Nude Photography I noticed one of the “cliches” is to have your mouth a bit open but then in a seductive way, I tried to play with this cliche and transform it into something new. The way the portraits are photographed and edited gives a whole new meaning, it’s not a seductive look at all it’s actually a bit uncanny. The longer you look, the more you notice something is not quite right.