Generating Patterns

Generating Patterns - This book is an exploration of different patterns you can make with ASCII Signs. The whole content of the book is generated by merging my ASCII Dataset into an Indesign File. This resulted into a big series of auto generated patterns, that I can keep changing because of its endless combinations. Even the smallest adjustments can lead to beautiful new patterns. After that I exported the generated patterns into 4 different layers, and from there Iet the riso-machine do its job. I felt like the riso was really fitting for this work, since it really brings out the layers of the patterns. It almost creates an optical illusion, like it’s moving…

Cover with riso-printed pattern on top.

Inside of book, Swiss binding

Since the book consist of all loose pages (which works best if you are riso-graphing it) I used Swiss binding to bind the book. Glued on the side, with a black linen layer glued on top of it for extra solidity. Because it’s Swiss binding, it gave me an opportunity to place my title and introduction to the book on the spine. I thought this was very fitting because it’s a very visual book with almost no text, so placing text on the cover just didn’t feel right.

As mentioned before, there is actually a little bit of typography in this book. The typography works as a very descriptive manner but at the same time it also forms a framework for the patterns. The text tells what ASCII sign is used and what layer it is. The colour of the text is determined by the colour that is used of that specific layer. This way you can always tell the order of layering, and what ASCII signs belong to which layer.

Lucky accidents - I left the crop marks on, on the left side of each paper. I initially did this to create more space, so it didn’t cut off any text when you open the book. This created a beautiful rainbow looking trail on the up and bottom of the book.


Later on in this project I decided to also make animations out of all the combinations of ascii signs I generated. Because I already had so many it worked out really well and in a few seconds I already had a nice animation. So I started playing with the order and really paying attention to the layers to make nice and smooth transitions. It looks totally different than the riso-printed patterns, but I feel like it’s a nice contribution to my project as a whole.